Production Crew

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  • August 29, 2018

Production crew means a group of people, hired for producing a film or motion picture. The crew is eminent from the cast as the cast are understood to be the actors who appear in front of the camera or provide voices for characters in the featured movie.

One of the greatest thing about the featured film is that there are so many different position. Depending on featured film, there could be many crew members, or may be few. But for all featured film, there are certain positions that are essential and always present.

If you need a production crew member for your production or live event, then we have a candidate that is a perfect fit for your project. We have crew members located throughout Cyprus that are available for your live stream, video production, feature film or commercial.

I feel as though a lot of crew underestimate the importance of pre-production. If you take the time and effort to properly plan everything in advance, you are more likely to have a successful shoot. While it may not be the most exciting part of film-making, it’s absolutely necessary.

We take care of all the details related to contractor management, including contracts, payroll and customized staffing solutions.

Our current crew roster includes:

Live Streaming Crewing

Tricaster Operator (TD)

  • Tricaster 8000 (Advanced Edition)
  • Live Stream Director
  • Live Stream Producer
  • Engineer in charge
  • Video Engineer
  • Slow-motion operator
  • 3Play
  • EVS
  • Live Audio Mixer (A1)
  • Live Audio Assistant (A2)
  • Motion Graphics Operater
  • Live Scoreboard Operator
  • Jib Operator
  • Lighting Director (LD)
  • Stage Manager
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Camera Operator
  • Sports Camera
  • Live Event Camera
  • Steady Cam
  • Utilities
  • Production Assistant

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