Satellite Internet Live Streaming

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  • August 29, 2018

“Where creativity meets connectivity” is that core concept of Prime Production Team. We can deliver a professional Multi-Camera Live Stream each and every time. Each production needs to be evaluated on its own specific requirements.

Prime production team offers different solution, ranging from the live streaming of smaller events on YouTube, to satellite news gathering and television broadcasting. Broadcast on television requires higher standard of quality and reliability than web streaming.

Although many of our live stream production venues have a robust local Internet source with sufficient bandwidth to deliver a live stream, other locations demand either a cellular bonding solution or one of our satellite uplink systems.

Renting a Satellite System from Prime Production Team is not only easy, it is surprisingly affordable. Whether you are producing a multi camera live stream or need a satellite uplink rental to provide sufficient bandwidth or simply need to create a Wi-Fi network in a location but otherwise would not be possible without the use of Satellite, Absolute Live Productions has a package for you.

Fly away units are also available. Whether you’re streaming and recording a professional event, concert, sports match, birthday celebration, or wedding, make your occasion easier with Prime Production Team. We make your videos stand out with multiple camera angles. Take the portable crew of Prime Production Team with you, wherever you go and do not worry about wireless streaming and recording capabilities. Prime Production Team is affordable crew to make professional video.

Prime Production Team empowers broadcasters, allowing them to achieve professional quality HD production with wireless multi-camera setups. We record in high quality and broadcast events to Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and many more in professional quality in your budget.

Hire Prime Production Team for your personal, professional or corporate event and take your event to the next level by live hosting, live streaming by multi-angle, streaming presentation, meetings and training from multiple camera angle with minimal effort. We can shoot best featured film or short film for you. Make every event memorable in your budget with Prime Production Team.
Prime Production Team’s goal is to find everything you need to start streaming, no matter what kind of content you’ve after. We looked for the best in three categories: live cable replacement, on-demand service, and the devices that let you play them all through your TV. We promise to be the best streaming service and device for each use case.

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