Live Streaming on Facebook

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  • August 8, 2018

Prime production team got its first call for live streaming on Facebook just a couple of months ago. In the ever evolving technology cycle that we live in, a month is practically an eternity. Our very first iPhone Facebook Live stream had over 35,000 viewers. Obviously, we needed to bring professional quality audio-visuals to an iPhone.
Back in the day, there was no other way to get to the Facebook stream other than with smartphone technology. But now we are able to use an arsenal of professional tools such as a Tri-caster, Teredek bolt Pro 2000s and many other industry standards Live Streaming production technologies.

When using the right equipment package to stream to Facebook, you are also able to capture a 1920 x 1080 version of the content. So you have an HD version, ready for EPKs or later broadcast on alternative media. Just because you stream to Facebook, doesn’t mean it has to look amateur. Keep your Brand, Business or Celebrity image at the same high quality that your followers have come to love you for. Call us for a quote today.

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